sábado, 5 de abril de 2014


Amanda and I (Bianca) are college students from the United States who are studying in Sevilla for the semester. We were thrilled to hear about the opportunity to teach students at this school about the Saint Patrick's Day holiday, which is widely celebrated in the U.S. We arrived in the morning, dressed in green clothes. Amanda wore a green tie, and I wore a green boa scarf. We noticed the trees and plants inside the school almost immediately, and we both loved this idea! The greenery brings the building to life and also provides scenic natural areas for the students to enjoy. We prepared a PowerPoint presentation, which included an informational video about the history of Saint Patrick's Day, useful vocabulary, and a brief description of the regions of the United States. At the very end, we celebrated by trying to dance the Irish jig! It was so much fun, and the students seemed to be having a great time, too! We were impressed by the students and their drive to learn from us. We had a lovely time working with Juanma and the rest of the staff, too. This experience was very unique for the both of us, because we are still learning Spanish just as much as the students are still learning English, so it was very easy to relate when they had questions or needed help with the assignments. Neither one of us had ever participated in anything like this before, so we were very grateful to have had this opportunity. We hope that the students had a wonderful an experience, like we did! Thank you!!

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