sábado, 27 de abril de 2013


Presenting to the students was a great experience. We enjoyed teaching them about the state of Michigan, they were very interactive and asked many questions. We enjoyed being able to open their minds to a new culture and  sharing with them the similarities and differences between the United States and España. It was great to be interviewed by a intelligent young reporter about our lives in Michigan, he asked many informative questions. Also, the students were curious to see if the United States had a traditional dance, so we showed them how to swing dance. After we showed them swing dancing we were curious about the traditional dance of Sevilla, the Sevillana, and some of the students volunteered and taught us. We enjoyed it and it is a experience we will never forget.

Sarah Daniel

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  1. Monday April 29, 2013.
    -Was very good English class we got the two women of America, Sara and Sarita. It was a great class.

    Bejarano Sergio Arroyo, 1st it A.

  2. I loved the commentary to sara and what has made me laugh more is that we have many questions hahaha. I really liked the visit, I hope to repeat.Bella Garía Salas 1ºA

  3. Hello teacher, I am Carmen María García Vivero 1ºA. Text American's girls: I liked the presentation, because the photos were very beautiful. I learnt much about Michigan and United States of America. They taught us swing dance. Sarah showed the pets of team. It was a Bulldog.

  4. Last Friday we had got the visit of two girls from Michigan, they talked us about their music, food, clothes and the trendiest thing of Michigan. We had fun and we danced with them, our classmate Mari Luz sang a song of Justin Beiber.+ In sum it was a great day, we hope to repeat it. Francisco Manuel López Carrascal. 3ºC

  5. Hi, teacher. I'm Julio Cabeza Saseta from 1st A group. In this session I had a really good experience because I learned a lot about Michigan. I loved the photos that the girls showed with the landscapes of Michigan. This session was very funny.

  6. Some weeks ago, two girls from Michigan showed us things about their state, like colleges, foods... They taught us how to dance swing (the traditional dance of Michigan) too. The lesson was very atractive and fun, because we showed how to dance Sevillana to them.
    To sum up, this day was a very good one. I wish they come more times!
    Ángel Espejo Aguilar, 3ºB