sábado, 2 de febrero de 2013


Last Wednesday we celebrated the World Peace Day with lots of activities. The above pic shows Kelly, our Language Assistant and one of the bilingual group students taking part in our charity race in favour of Honduras. It was great to see students and teachers running together or playing football on a festival day. We also had a good time when we saw a very creative lipdub made by our Special Education students, the Year-3 bilingual ones and some teachers. At last four NGO volunteers were chatting about their humanitarian projects facing the school oldest students at the Arts Centre in Guillena. Lots of fun, isn't it?

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  1. The day of peace in the institute I.E.S. El Molinillo.
    This great event was celebrated in a village called Guillena in Sevilla. On Wednesday 30 February on 10 at the morning. Almost all the institute participated in this wonderful event in help of an NGO that is a member our beloved teacher Juan Manuel Gonzalez. I enjoyed this experience was also for charity in which between my three sponsors and should donate one kilogram for each of the rounds that I got 30 kilograms of food.
    With a big hug goodbye, Alberto Román Oyola.

  2. Yes, it was very fun. We did many fun activities in our high school. I was walking with my friends at 10:15, last Wednesday, too. I walked four kilometres, because I wanted to help Honduras. I showed a video about Honduras' project with another billingual students and the video was amazing because it showed Honduras and his people. In my opinion, all the students enjoyed the peace day and with our kilometres we could help to many people.

    BY: Mª Jesús Campos Márquez.

  3. Hi,the peace day was fantastic.I and nine friends more perform a project about Honduras,becouse my high school helps,and we told some about the project for exaple:a kinder garden,the send containers ,a house of the peolple who have AIDS...
    We ran to get food to the peolple who need in Honduras,thats very funny.
    These is all,godbye!

  4. The peace day, we did a charity race to help the people of hondura.
    The teachers and students did a championship of football.
    We had very good!!

  5. The peace day we had very good because we run to help the people of Honduras.
    There was also a championship of soccer of students and teachers.
    Was a great day

  6. That day was very fun. The best was the introduction, I had a great time and when we clapped, people felt well and proud. I think we did good for children who have no food, housing…and that made me very happy. After we participated in a charity race, we lapped four times with my friends and had a great time. Best of all was when we played against girl teachers so well. Kelly was the best player.