domingo, 5 de junio de 2011

This is an article written by some students of our high school: Marina Durán Romero, Carmen Vela Escudero, María García Peinado and María Hidalgo Nieto.


We are high school students from I.E.S. "El Molinillo". We are proud of collaborating with a charity called "Proyecto Honduras". We usually send them food, clothes,etc...

Thanks to this association we have known this country through photos and videos in which we have been shown the poverty of this country and the injustice these people suffer. It's really unfair because they don't have the main rights.

One of the projects of this charity is a nursery and an orphanage where children can learn many things and where children can eat. A lot of our classmates send them letters explainig the way we live in our country to orphan girls.

This charity also works with an AIDS center patients.

In our high school we raise money and we collect food to send them. Last year we did a sponsored race and this year we are collecting salt.

We are all very happy taking part in this project because we are doing the best to improve the "Hondureños" life.

Everybody should live a good life.