miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2011


Last March, 17th we celebrated one of the most popular days in the Irish and American communities. We saw a very interesting ppt, learnt new things about the history of Ireland, shared Irish-American and Spanish food. It was really fun!

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  1. Kristina Van Brunt30 de marzo de 2011, 19:45

    Cakes, chicken, BLT's, tortilla de patatas.. I was so full I couldn't eat lunch afterwards :)

  2. that day I had a really good meal first with the Spanish and then the sandwich that brought fu r cristina overall a very fun day

  3. I missed the Irish music. (Jimmy)

  4. I had never head of talking about St Patrick's Day .
    This year I have celebrated at school with my clasmates and teachers of english and had fun .Every ove of my
    friends brought a different meal and it was delicies

    by:marta panduro acedo

  5. We all learned a lot of things in the bilingual group.
    We also made a little party and had a good time. It was GREAT COOL!!!

    Judit León Rodríguez Bilingual group 1.C