domingo, 10 de enero de 2010


1. Answer which of the following sentences are true or false:
- The parallel ones are lines perpendicular to the equator.
- The parallel of the equator is at 0°.
- The meridians are lines parallel to the equator.
- The meridians serve to establish the divisions of the time zones.

2. Check your Atlas and answer the following questions:
- In which parallel can you find the city of Toledo?
- Mark the meridian and the parallel that pass through Seville.

3. Locate the geographical coordinates of the following cities:
- Buenos Aires
- London
- Paris
- Moscow


1. Which is the highest summit of our planet? And the deepest point?

2. Complete the following sentences with the words in the box: rain, valley, ravines, waves, gulfs, tides, sand, beaches and ocean currents.
- The water of _______________spoils mountains; streams and rivers open________________and___________
- _____________, the___________and the___________take place at the seaside spoiling the softest(smoothest) rocks and the projections of coasts. At the same time, ocean currents accumulate-------------------in--------------------and--------------------.

3. Match the different concepts with their corresponding definitions:
- Mountain Great depression of the ocean floor/seabed
- Paeninsula Portion of land fully-surrounded by water
-Ria Coastal area which flows into the sea
- Valley Depression relief form that is elongated
- Cape Form of sea inlet, normally elongated
- Island Piece of land surrounded by water throughout but by one side
- Marine basin Natural elevation of the area

4. Indicate in the following drawing the different parts of a volcano:

5. Draw the Earth and indicate the different parts that compose its structure.